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Emily Fakler, MA, LMHC

Emily is a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) providing individual therapy for adolescents and adults. Whether it's anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship struggles, or tackling a new chapter of life, I love working with clients who are ready to understand themselves better and are looking for support in their growth. It can be difficult and frustrating to seek a better life if we do not first understand what has brought us to our current struggle or what still stands in our way. I believe we thrive best with support from others as we grow towards happier, healthier versions of ourselves, so it’s my personal mission to be a listener, companion, and assistant-problem-solver while you're on that journey. 


I’ll work alongside you to fit together the pieces of the puzzle, helping you to see your experiences in a new light and understand yourself better. When you feel heard, supported, and ready, we’ll explore which patterns in your life are strengths you can lean on, which might be remnants from the past that are ready to be left behind, and which need just a little TLC and intentionality to meet your current needs. My clients are encouraged to advocate for themselves and take an active role in therapy so that we can create a safe, empowering, and adaptable space to explore their mental health needs. 

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While I’m always working to adapt to the needs of the person in front of me, the core of my approach intertwines Adlerian, DBT, CBT, Somatic, and Self-Compassion based interventions. I have found my approach to be a strong fit for people wrestling with anxiety or trauma, stuck in “freeze” mode (or “always on” mode), buried under feelings of shame, and/or feeling like their mind is their own worst enemy. I’m here to help you befriend yourself and your nervous system along the way! 

Seeking counseling can bring up a lot of intimidating emotions. Sometimes it feels like our problems are too big to share with someone else... and sometimes it feels like they're too small to deserve help. I firmly believe every human is worthy and deserving of support! I intend to create a warm and welcoming space where you are valued as a unique human being. I also strive to be a real life human, and to do what I can to help take the edge off of an often daunting process.  


Outside of work, I love spending time with my husband and golden retriever, Bliss, or other friends and family. You might find me reading, camping, playing games, or caring for the many houseplants I try to keep alive (with varying degrees of success).


Let's work together to get you closer to that happier, healthier life you're looking for! 

To contact Emily, please reach out to our admin, Janet, at (515) 984-0225.

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